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What’s New in Studio 3T 2022.10 – Polish and Safety


Dec 7, 2022
What’s New in Studio 3T 2022.10 – Polish and Safety
What’s New in Studio 3T 2022.10 – Polish and Safety

As we come to the end of 2022, the last release of the year focusses on polishing existing features and adding guard-rails to some functions. Studio 3T 2022.10 features auto-completing brackets and quotes, faster smarter tooltips, sortable tasks and more space to edit your aggregations.

Headline Features of Studio 3T 2022.10


IntelliShell users will welcome the arrival of auto-completing brackets and quotes in the editor, which place the cursor inside the newly complete brackets. If you prefer to type all your parentheses, you’ll find a preference that lets you disable this behavior in the General tab. 


Studio 3T’s ObjectID tooltips are full of useful information, but they’ve been known to get in the way for some users. In 2022.10, we’re making sure they don’t cover anything with some new smart positioning. 


For each set of results you get from IntelliShell, you get a results tab. We’d previously set a limit of ten result tabs but we heard users who wanted more tabs. We’re all for enabling power users so now, you can set your maximum number of IntelliShell tabs. It’s a preference you can control in the IntelliShell preferences globally.

Of course, too many things can also be a problem. Like too many error reports. They can make a script hard to fix up, so we’ve added a limit – 100 – to the error reporting to help you see what’s wrong. 

Other Improvements in Studio 3T 2022.10

Alias Tooltips: People love Aliases and Notes but were saying they felt tooltips with aliases were slower. We’ve boosted the Alias performance in 2022.10 to get it back up to speed.  We’ve also improved the Add Alias dialog so it’s clearer when you have a clashing alias. We also made sure you can see aliases and notes when you are autocompleting in IntelliShell. And we’ve made aliases visible inside Data Masking. 

Tasks: Once you’ve started with Studio 3T Tasks, you’ll soon have lots of Tasks to work with. We’ve added the ability to drag and drop Tasks to reorder them in the Tasks view to make them easier to organize.  We also made Rename Task more visible by adding it to the toolbar. 

Aggregation Editor: Need more space when editing an Aggregation Stage? In 2022.10, we’ve made the stage input/output pane collapsible, opening up more room for you to work on your Aggregation Stage settings.

Connections: Some MongoDB database configurations, like LDAP authenticated ones, don’t like multiple pooled connections and make users authenticate multiple times. We’ve added a preference to connections that lets you set how big your connection pool is to address that and give you more control.

Connection Manager: Importing connections will no longer be adding “- imported on” to all imported connection names. Where an imported connection name doesn’t exist, we import that name and where one already exists, we add a simple numeric suffix.

Export: When Exporting to another collection, it is now easier to select Add Database and Add Collection when choosing a Target collection.  

Security: We have made changes in our development process, aiming to reduce time to respond to security vulnerabilities in libraries we use. We now have integrated automated vulnerability checks on every build. 

User Shoutouts

Studio 3T users are a valuable source of feedback helping make the application better. For the release of Studio 3T 2022.10, we’d like to thank: Jan Tischler and Hannes Schurig for reporting tooltip issues in the Visual Query Builder, Alejandro Aguilar for finding M1 Mac Mongosh issues, Wernfried Domscheit for isolating issues with error reporting and back-ticked string highlighting, Bjorn Harvold for noting .save() shouldn’t be an autocompletion and Wilson Horrell for suggesting that we autocomplete brackets and quotes.

And again we’d like to thank all the users who gave us feedback and helped us make Studio 3T better in 2022 for everyone: Alejandro Landaverde, Antonios Dasko, Bryan Kitchman, Daniel Sutton, Demetris Galatopoullos, Dr Ismet Ozalp, Francisco Dias, Frank Wein, Fred Turkington, Gilles Richard, Hannes Schurig, Hasan Khan, Jake Probst, John Sewell, Laurens Stötzel, Leonard Wickens, Lewis Wong, Marc Donis, Mario Skocic, Marius Rosca, Marshall Giguere, Martien Poels, Michael Tsuji, Mickel Metekohy, Rand Nix, Rob Gordon, Sasha Cartashiov, Senén Martínez Puerta, Seok-Chan Chung, Sergey Ivasenko, Shmuel Witman, Srini M, Voicu Muresan, Wernfried Domscheit and Yosef Kushnir. Thank you.

Fixed in 2022.10


  • IntelliShell now detects back-ticked template literals as strings.
  • The deprecated .save() method is no longer offered in auto-complete with the mongosh default shell.


  • Copying users on the same server could mistakenly offer to resolve issues by creating a role. 
  • Copying users between different server instances could fail to resolve issues if the user’s role did not exist on the target server. 


  • Export task now saves Find Query options. 
  • CSV Import no longer leaves CSV files locked after import.
  • Export CSV defaults to using Windows or Unix end of line characters according to the operating system.  
  • Index Hints are now applied correctly when an Aggregation is used for export.


  • The Match Case checkbox on Ubuntu now renders correctly in light mode. 
  • Target Collection selection on Ubuntu now selects the relevant connection. 

Collections View – Studio 3T is now more resilient to badly formatted queries on the clipboard being pasted.

General – Occasionally, duplicated tabs could immediately close.

Collections – Capped Collection settings in Create Collections are enabled for 5.0.6 and earlier MongoDB servers. 

Search In… – Upper case field names are now matched in Search In… 

Tools – Mongodump/restore now works correctly with Atlas serverless instances.

Reschema – Renaming fields in Reschema shows as a modification in the tab.

macOS – Rosetta-2 is no longer needed for IntelliShell with mongosh on M1/M2 macs 

For the full history of changes in Studio 3T, see the change log.

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