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Syncfusion .NET MAUI 2022 Roadmap

Syncfusion .NET MAUI 2022 Roadmap

Syncfusion .NET MAUI 2022 Roadmap

First of all, thank you for supporting Syncfusion. We appreciate the enthusiastic reception you’ve shown for our products.

In this blog, we will explain our strategy and commitments toward the .NET MAUI platform.

Syncfusion .NET MAUI controls

We released our first set of .NET MAUI controls in the 2021 Volume 3 release and our second set in 2021 Volume 4. Currently, Syncfusion offers the following ten .NET MAUI controls:

This suite also has four file-format libraries:

Overview of the 2022 releases

The following controls are planned to be delivered in 2022:

  • Avatar View
  • Autocomplete
  • Backdrop Page
  • Barcode
  • Busy Indicator
  • Calendar View
  • Circular Progress Bar
  • Combo Box
  • DataGrid
  • Funnel Chart
  • Image Editor
  • Linear Gauge
  • Linear Progress Bar
  • Maps
  • PDF Viewer
  • Pull To Refresh
  • Pyramid Chart
  • Range Selector
  • Rating
  • Signature Pad
  • Switch
  • Text Input Layout
  • Tree View

Visual theme for Syncfusion .NET MAUI controls

We have also planned to provide visual theming support for all our .NET MAUI controls with a uniform approach, delivering a consistent look and feel to your apps.

Our proposed approach is key-based theming for light and dark theme which uses a separate ResourceDictionary class for each theme and then loads the resources with the DynamicResource markup extension.

DISCLAIMER: Syncfusion products are always changing. We make no representations or warranties of any kind that these features will be in this release or any future release of any Syncfusion products. Features and release builds can change without prior notice at the sole discretion of Syncfusion. The information provided in this blog is only to outline intentions and ideas for future releases. In any way, the roadmap is not a guarantee, promise, or offer to provide any product or service. Moreover, the material provided is a piece of information alone and should not be relied on, in any manner, to make any business decision.

Syncfusion releases

We proudly stand behind our products and will work with you under tight deadlines to help ship your products on time. Along with the four major releases each year (with a service pack release for each volume), you can update your products every week through our weekly NuGet release.

Essential Studio for .NET MAUI 2022 Volume 1

This will be the first major release of the year, and we’re planning to release it at the end of March. You can expect the following three vivid controls in the .NET MAUI platform.


The .NET MAUI Barcode control or QR code generator can display industry-standard 1D and 2D barcodes in your .NET MAUI apps.

Linear Gauge

The .NET MAUI Linear Gauge is a data visualization component that displays numerical values on a linear scale.

Range Selector

The .NET MAUI Range Selector is a filter control that provides an intuitive interface to select a smaller range from a larger collection.

Essential Studio for .NET MAUI 2022 Volume 2

This will be the second major release of the year and expected at the end of June. You can look forward to the following Five stunning controls then.

Avatar View

The .NET MAUI Avatar View will provide a graphical representation of a user. Users can customize their representation by adding images, background color, icons, text, and more.

Busy Indicator

The .NET MAUI Busy Indicator or activity indicator will help users know when their app is in the middle of a process.


You can use the .NET MAUI DataGrid to efficiently display and manipulate a huge volume of data in a tabular format.


.NET MAUI Maps is a data visualization control. You can use it to display statistical information for a geographical area.

Signature Pad

The .NET MAUI Signature Pad control will elegantly capture and save a signature in your app.

Note: We have also planned to deliver the visual theming support for all our .NET MAUI controls in the 2022 Volume 2 release.

Essential Studio for .NET MAUI 2022 Volume 3

This will be the third major release of 2022, coming to you at the end of September. You can expect the following four user-friendly controls for the .NET MAUI platform.


The .NET MAUI Autocomplete control will quickly load and populate suggestions from a huge volume of data based on the users’ input characters.

Combo Box

The .NET MAUI Combo Box is a textbox control. It will allow users to type a value or choose an option from a list of predefined options.

Image Editor

The .NET MAUI Image Editor is an image editing control. You can use it to easily modify images with actions like crop, rotate, and more.


You can use the .NET MAUI Switch control to turn an item on and off. The control will also provide an optional indeterminate state.

Essential Studio for .NET MAUI 2022 Volume 4

This will be the final major release of the year, and can be expected in the middle of December. You can expect the following eleven majestic controls.

Backdrop Page

The .NET MAUI Backdrop is a specialized page comprising of two surfaces, a back layer and a front layer stacked one on top of the other.

Calendar View

The .NET MAUI Calendar View helps users easily select single or multiple dates like a built-in calendar.

Circular Progress Bar

The .NET MAUI Circular Progress Bar indicates the progress of a task in a circular view.

Funnel Chart

The .NET MAUI Funnel Chart does a proportional comparison between values displayed as progressively decreasing.

Linear Progress Bar

The .NET MAUI Linear Progress Bar indicates the progress of a task in a linear view.

PDF Viewer

The .NET MAUI PDF Viewer can be used to view and review PDF files.

Popup Layout

The .NET MAUI Popup Layout control is an alert dialog or popup that can be displayed in a desired position.

Pull To Refresh

The .NET MAUI Pull To Refresh control is a panel that can be pulled to refresh data.

Pyramid Chart

The .NET MAUI Pyramid Chart is a triangle with lines dividing it into sections. Each section will have a different width. Based on the y-coordinates, the width will indicate a level of hierarchy among other categories.


The .NET MAUI Rating control can be used to select a rating value from a group of visual symbols, like stars.

Text Input Layout

The .NET MAUI Text Input Layout is a container control that allows you to add a floating label, a password toggle icon,  leading and trailing icons, and assistive labels on top of input controls.

Brief summary of our plan and strategy

Our .NET MAUI controls are developed from scratch with the .NET MAUI graphics library and framework layouts themselves.

We are working to deliver brand-new .NET MAUI controls to use in your migrated .NET MAUI projects with minimal breaking changes. The main reason we took this approach is to deliver .NET MAUI controls that are better than our Xamarin.Forms controls.

We are developing these controls from scratch with handler architecture to gain the following benefits:

  • Improved performance.
  • Lightweight controls by reducing views.
  • Intuitive API structure to make it easier to shape the control to your requirements.
  • Framework features such as animations, gradients, shadows, and more.

Along with these benefits, we are also planning to provide attractive demos that will cover some common use cases.

More questions?

Every day, we receive some queries regarding Syncfusion .NET MAUI products. We are really happy to provide you with responses.

For several questions we receive frequently, we have answered them in this blog: Syncfusion .NET MAUI Products: Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any feedback or any special requirements or controls needed in our .NET MAUI platform, please let us know in the comments below. You can also contact us through our support forumsupport portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!


I hope, you now have a clear vision of our 2022 roadmap for Syncfusion .NET MAUI controls. The controls that aren’t listed here will be planned and delivered next year based on your feedback, so don’t forget to make a request.

At Syncfusion, we strive to build world-class products that exceed developer requirements. We are very thankful for your great response to our Xamarin controls.

Your support and feedback helped make our Xamarin controls a market leader. With the same spirit, we are delivering .NET MAUI controls that will perform even better.

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