September 19, 2021


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Life Update

🏠Life Update 🏠
Spoiler… I’VE MOVED 🇳🇴


Life Update


A I’ve been living in London since 2009 (and in the UK since 2006), London always will be my home and have a special place in my heart. SO MUCH LOVE for every street, all the coffee places, all the views, all the parks, all the weirdos, all the food ALL THE FUN AND ALL THE PEOPLE! But for now I’ve moved to Bergen, Norway 🌲🗻🍂 (Hallo! ;), for a mixture of personal and practical, small and big reasons. I will not bore you with a never ending list of pros and cons but I really wanted to share with you my life change and I hope you’ll enjoy stories and drawings from my desk, I still have the same sketchbooks, the same pencils and the same love of coffee and I already have so many projects I am working on (inspired by new place and just general shift of my work) which I can’t wait to share with you and so many new work inspired by new place, hope you will enjoy it all and behind the scenes. I LOVE my life here, lots of nature, walks, fresh air and I’m so excited about this new beginning. I need to stock up on rain gear and vitamin D!

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