October 16, 2021

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Is there an Add-in to reformat the project browser?

To explain; in my personal opinion, the project browser in Revit is actual dogshit for organization & visually painful to look at over long periods of time. I understand you can filter & reorganize using the browser organization tab – unfortunately, this is also lackluster in features & modification.

Looking for a plugin that can;

  • create 2 or more instances of the project browser
  • search bar functionality with filter (within browser bar)
  • Change dropdown layout & cell division markers similar to excel
  • Change background colour (probably in default Revit, will have a look)

I know its small stuff, but it’s frustrating to open tiny drop-downs, visual clutter etc. I even use View categories for both viewports & sheets to make it clean – even then it looks like a jumbled mess (visually – not organization wise). Basically, make the software less 2008 and more 2021.

I know about DiRoots & other sheet add-ins, but something that replaces the project browser as well. I will pay any price for this.

Edit: Current documentation is 200-300 pages for reference, unfortunately, this situation seems unavoidable.

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