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Intermediate deliverables?


Dec 4, 2022

I’m a co-owner of a small company that provides matterport tours, hand-measured floor plans, and CAD elevations. We work in symbiosis with another company that provides static laser scan revit model. The gulf that exists between our deliverables is wide and deep, and we have several clients looking for an “intermediate” option that isn’t as expensive as full 3D existing conditions models, but has more detail than floor plans and photos.

The problem comes in when those clients don’t know exactly what they want that to look like.

I’ve thrown out a few ideas, and the two with most traction seems to be 1: a slam-based lidar scan with embedded 360 photos, and 2: a fully textured 3D environment, delivered in a web interface or game engine.

Does anyone have experience with this at scale? I can do either on a small-time basis, but scaling is hard.

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