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Help in converting conditions to expressions.


Sep 24, 2022

I am practicing how to convert conditions to c expressions. I found this book in my school library, and it has some exercises. Unfortunately, there is no answer key. Moreover, I checked the web but I found no answer key for the book (Book Title is Fundamentals of C Programming). I hope I can evaluate if my answers are correct or wrong. I would gladly appreciate it if you could point out which of my answers are wrong or right You can find my answers in the comment section.

a.) Commission = (sales – sales X .10) * .25

b) Commission = (sales – sales X 10/100) * 25/100

c) Interest = Amount X Rate

d) Semiannual Interest = 600/10%

e) age is from 18 to 21 inclusive

f) water is less than 1.5 and also greater than 0.1

g) year is divisible by 4

h) speed is not greater than 55

i) y is greater than x and less than z

j) w is either equal to 6 or not greater than 3


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