September 19, 2021


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Drawing at more Lillet picnics

Drawing at more Lillet picnics
Drawing at more Lillet picnics







Photos: Gerald Ulmann Photography, Stuttgart

I told you here about my first event since the start of the pandemic: a picnic for Lillet in my own city, Stuttgart.

It was followed by a series of other picnics that have been a delight to me: drawing in the open air, in natural light (even without glasses!), with no other background music than the birds and the murmur and laughter of the people.

It has also helped me to discover beautiful parks in Frankfurt and Munich.

As always, the process goes like this: the guest poses for about three minutes in which I sketch the features of the pose and the clothes, then the person can enjoy his or her company again and continue talking to friends while I finish the drawing, adding shadows and colour. This process also entertains the rest of the guests, who watch me paint.

This time we used the DIN A6 format again, as a souvenir postcard of a day in the park with friends.

If your lifestyle company is planning an event and you would like to regale your guests with a unique experience and a branded souvenir of your party, you might want to have me there drawing for you. In that case contact me and we can talk about it. And if you want to be up to date about other projects I do that could inspire you for your own ones, please subscribe to my mailing list. See you there.

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