May 14, 2021


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DFW BIM Infrastructure User Group (DFWBIUG)

DFW BIM Infrastructure User Group (DFWBIUG)
In a about 1.5 weeks I will be a guest speaker for the DFW BIM Infrastructure User Group (DFWBIUG) webinar titled Q&A with Autodesk Expert Elite Members. This free webinar will give attendees a chance to get their questions answered by a group of Autodesk Expert Elite members.

As the Director of Design Technology at Lake|Flato Architects, just down the road from DFW:), I am happy to share some of my knowledge with a great group… especially my friend David Butts.

Although this is an infrastructure group, the questions and topic will likely be wide and varied. Although I do have a fair amount of experience in this area given the previous firm I worked for had in-house civil, bridge, and landscape architecture.

A few examples of my experience in this area:

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