October 16, 2021

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Copy new files based on date in file name

I’ve pieced together this script from various sources to try and get something that:

a) pulls the date from the file name

b) compares the date

c) ensures that the date is from today

d) copies the file

I am able to split the date from the file name. The file name format is,


I tested that part and it works.

I don’t care about the time portion of the file, just the date in yyyyMMdd.

I can’t get the dates to parse correctly so that the math can take place to compare them. I need the most recent files (from ‘today’ or current date). Instead of doing the comparison, it goes ahead and copies all files based on the file filter. What am I doing wrong?

I suspected I wasn’t getting the correct info for $refDate but it does return what I need when I run it separately.

PS C:WINDOWSsystem32> ('{0:yyyyMMdd}' -f (Get-Date).AddDays(-0).Date) 20210919 

Edit: it has to be doing something with the date, because it wouldn’t run just now and I realized I don’t have any files for the new day. Once I put -1 in AddDays(-1) it picked up files but it picked up ALL files not just the ones I wanted.

Thanks in advance for any input.

$refDate = ('{0:yyyyMMdd}' -f (Get-Date).AddDays(-0).Date) # files must be from today $source = 'C:Source' $destination = 'C:Destination' $fileList = '*.FILE.bin' $today = [DateTime]::ParseExact( $refDate, 'yyyyMMdd', $null ) Get-ChildItem -Path 'C:Source' -Filter '*.FILE.bin' -File | ForEach-Object { $DatePart = ( $_.BaseName -split '(d{8})' )[1] $file = $_.BaseName try { $FileDate = [DateTime]::ParseExact( $DatePart, 'yyyyMMdd', $null ) if ($FileDate -ge $today) { $_ | robocopy.exe $source $destination $filelist /is /it /log+:"C:Sourcecopylog.log" } } catch { Write-Warning "File $file contains an invalid date" } } 

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