April 20, 2021

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Burger Menu Drop Down Navbar background colour

First of all, I have not coded properly in around nine years, so I’m trying to re-learn from scratch pretty much.

I’m having an issue with the background colour of a drop down menu from a burger menu. The burger menu appears when you minimise the screen. I want the background to be white when you click the burger menu but instead it’s coming out a dark grey.

In Codepen it is fine, the background is white. However, on my laptop in all the folders it comes out dark grey. So, I’ve uploaded the code onto Code Pen and all my folders to Github for folk to try and find the discrepancy which I’ve been really struggling to spot and understand.

Codepen: enter code herehttps://codepen.io/cmc89/pen/RwoYZRR

GitHub: https://github.com/cmc1989/website-toggle.git

Apologies if I have not posted the code onto here directly if that is the proper etiquette, I’m desperate to get some feedback.

Thank you for your time.

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