September 19, 2021


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Autumn fashion sketching in Konen

Autumn fashion sketching in Konen

Autumn fashion sketching in Konen

It was still officially August but autumn was already beginning to show: a grey and rainy day on this Saturday as Konen presented his new autumn 2020 collection with a fashion show in his department store.


The visitors were dressed appropriately and I had to draw a few mackintoshes and even rubber boots. But some outfits still mixed warm clothes with summer dresses and light blouses.


This was the first indoors event since last January and I’m happy to say that it went very well: relaxed atmosphere, nice people and beautiful flowers on my table.

Thank you Konen!


If your lifestyle company is planning an event and you would like to regale your guests with a unique experience and a branded souvenir of your party, you might want to have me there drawing for you. In that case contact me and we can talk about it. And if you want to be up to date about other projects I do that could inspire you for your own ones, please subscribe to my mailing list. See you there.

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